Walk-Behind Dual-Directional Vibratory Rollers









ROL-800 (Twin-Exciter)

The Hoppt Brand offers five models of Walk-Behind Dual-Directional Vibratory Rollers for sale. 4 of the models are fitted with the Dual Drum Dual-Directional Vibratory Rollers and equipped with Danfoss Hydraulic System for easy manoeuvring and maintenance. One model is a Single-Drum Model.

All rollers are ergonomically engineered with details that ensure optimum comfort and maximum productivity. The rollers are equipped with either single or twin-exciter and twin eccentric masses which delivers high centrifugal force.

All models also come with a manual clutch as a standard feature which the electro-magnetic clutch as an option for only the ROL800.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powered by either:
    • Petrol driven 4-stroke Honda engine with cyclone air cleaner, ensuring maximum lifespan on the engines
    • Hatz 1B40 Diesel Engines, Germany
  • Eaton (USA) transmission and vibration system provides the best performance and highest durability
  • Easily transportable compact design for use in tight spaces
  • High centrifugal force to allow for more efficient compaction
  • Low lateral overhang to ensure close operation to walls

Download: Walk-Behind Dual Directional Vibratory Rollers

Specifications for Walk Behind Dual Directional Vibratory Rollers

ModelROL450ROL500SROL550ROL650DKROL800 (Twin-Exciter)
Dimension – LxWxH (mm)2,225 x 436 x 1,1852,025x910x1,9002,295x630x1,1152,385x700x1,1502,465 x 754 x 1,170
Operating Weight (kg)510500565675830
Drum Size – DxW (mm)356 x 390575×760356×605402×650402 x 700
Centrifugal Force kgf(kN)2,040 (20)1,750 (17.2)900 (8.8)1,100 (10.8)2,243 (22.0)
Max Working Speed (km/h)
Gradeability (°)2525252525
Vibration Frequency Hz(vpm)43 (2,580)74 (4,380)55 (3,300)55 (3,300)55 (3,300)
Water Tank Capacity (litre)1535354747
Hydraulic Oil Capacity (litre)12213030
EngineHartz 1B20 @ 3.5 kW 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil -Start)Honda GX270 @ 6.6kW (9.0hp) | 4-Stroke Gasoline (Recoil Start)Honda GX270 @ 6.6kW (9.0hp) | 4-Stroke GasolineHonda GX390@ 8.7kW (11.7hp) | 4-Stroke Gasoline (Recoil Start)Kubota EA330 @ 5.15 kW (6.9 hp) 4-stroke Diesel (Electric Start)
Kubota E75 @ 4.8kW (6.5 hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (CRank & Electric Start)Kubota E75 @ 4.8kW (6.5 hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (CRank & Electric Start)Hartz 1B40 @ 7.3 kW (9.2 hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil & Electric -Start)
Hartz 1B40 @ 7.3 kW (9.2 hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil & Electric -Start)