Vibratory Pavement Compactors

PCPT 90P (2)

Vibratory Pavement Compactors – PCPT90

Purpose built to protect the tiles on the pavement. Specifically designed for pavements, the PCPT 90 has a rubber-bar system in place of an iron plate, to protect the paving stones during the compaction process. The rubber-bars conform to the edges of the pavement stones, ensuring the paving stones does not chip during the process of compaction.

Features and Benefits

  • Design for compaction of pavement tiles and bricks to the ground
  • Perfect for landscaping and car park works. Rubber-bars are used in place of iron plates to prevent damage on the pavement stones
  • Low operating noise levels ensure that the PCPT90 adhere to the regulatory noise limits for use in urban areas
  • Belt guard ensures the safe operation of the pulley system, making it safer for both user and machine
  • Individually mounted rubber-bars makes it cheaper for replacement, lowering maintenance cost

Download: Vibratory Pavement Compactors

Specifications for PCPT90

Dimension – LxWxH (mm)1,064x669x1,091
Operating Weight (kg)123
Plate Size – DxW (mm)655×620
Vibration Frequency Hz(vpm)94 (5,640)
Centrifugal Force - kgf (kN)1,050 (10.3)
Compaction Area (m2/h)600-700
Engine OptionsRobin EX17 @ 4.2kW (6.0hp) | 4-Stroke Gasoline
Robin EX20-3C @ 3.7kW (5.0hp) | 4-Stroke Gasoline
Honda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) | 4-Stroke Gasoline