Ride-On Power Trowels

HRT168M - no BG


HRT338M- no BG


HRT888MP no BG


Finishing for the Professional

Flat concrete surfaces are necessary for:
housing, warehouses, garages, industrial buildings and airports due to the continuous heavy load in such areas. Or required by large warehouse construction projects and airports as they have greater requirements for the flat surfaces due to the safety and set-up requirements. Hoppt’s range of power trowel offers you a cost efficient option to achieve a high quality finish and flat floor in a quicker time.

Featuring 3 models of the Ride-On Power Trowels for your selection with reliability, great combination of power and size which will be suitable for any application fits. They are built to produce high-tolerance concrete floors as well as a evenly leveled and flat floor that are hard to find on other trowels.

Features and Benefits:

  • 5-bladed rotor is driven by a Super Heavy-Duty Gearbox which allows the power to be delivered where it is needed
  • Standard features include an electric-powered spray system, built in cup holder and 6 halogen lights (front and rear)
  • For easier maintenance, these machines feature a removable front panel for easier access to the engine compartment

Download: Ride-On Power Trowels

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