Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Products

Companies that are at a dilemma loking for a good manufacturer, to provide them with quality products at a very reasonable price. Being able to cater to the customization needs of the customers are what we, at UNi-Corp and Hoppt do best. We manufacture equipment accordingly to your specific requirements and budget. We will deliver you the best quality that you deserve.

Download: OEM Products

Different Customized Applications

rebar cutter driver side
ben35d- rebar bender
pcpt-90p- OEM vibratory pavement compactor

Different Designs

OEM concrete cutter
OEM concrete cutter

Different Engines and Motors Options Available

Note: Other the below stated engine options, other options are subjected to availability upon request.

OEM Honda Engines
Robin Subaru Engine
hatz engine

Different Colours for Any Equipment

turntable yellow
turntable red
turntable green
turntable purple

Offering different designs to cater for different budgets!

Tumbler Turntable Drive Unit
OEM standard turntable
OEM yellow turntable