Concrete Vibrators

Hoppt Concrete Vibrator with Standard Turntable


Hoppt Concrete Vibrators with Various Head Diameter Sizes to Choose From

Hoppt concrete vibrators with flexible shaft are built with the improved pendulum designed. This series of vibrators consist of 4 diameters, which are the VIB28, VIB38, VIB45 and the VIB60, and 2 lengths of 6 or 9 m. The concrete vibrators are suitable for use in all types of concrete and a wide variety of construction sites from small foundations to very large projects. Vibration parameters have been optimized leading to a maximum output.

Features and Benefits

  • Twin-claw Coupling
  • Induction hardened magnesium steel alloy
  • Reinforced steel hose reinforced by 6 layers of special spun steel
  • High vibrating power
  • Long working life
  • Wear resistance and reliability
  • Easy operation and compatibility
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resilient Tip Available

Download: Concrete Vibrators (VIB Range)

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