Concrete Screeds


HAL200B Wet Screed



Hoppt offers a concrete screed that would enable professionals to, literally and figuratively, go anywhere they want. It is light yet robust and easy to handle; therefore, maneuvering is simple. The equipment guarantee maximum reliability and high productivity. The result will be a perfectly leveled, flat floors regardless of how small or big the surfaces are.

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Specifications for Concrete Screeds

Weight (Drive Unit)13 kg17kg (With Standard 2m Blade)
Vibrating Frequency 5,500 vpm8,500 vpm
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 6081)50dB (A)80dB (A)
Value of Acceleration (ISO 5349)5.39 m/s²3.89 m/s²
Comfort Exposure1.8 hr (6.8 hr max)3.3 hr (13.2 hr max)
Drive UnitHonda GX135 @ 1.2kW (1.6 hp) 4-Stroke Petrol EngineHonda GX25 @ 0.8kW (1.1 hp) 4-Stroke Petrol Engine



Specifications for Concrete Screeds (HCS50)

Weight18 Kg
Vibrating Frequency 7,000 vpm
Fuel Capacity0.6 Litre
Fuel Consumption0.6 litre/h
Length x Width892 mm x 268mm
Beam Length2.4m , 3m, 4m & Different Customized Applications
Drive UnitHonda GX35 @ 1.2kW (1.6hp) 4-stroke Petrol Engine